We ask for ten days’ notice from when you place your order for us to send out your kit. We can sometimes make it happen faster, but cannot guarantee this!

Note that all deliveries are sent overnight to maintain viability of TYB, and kits arrive Tuesdays – Fridays (and some Saturdays).  We are not an expedited service nor do we do last minute/rush orders: please place your orders at least 10 days in advance.  WE CAN ONLY SHIP WITHIN THE UNITED STATES.  We charge a $20 processing fee for cancellations, please make your orders carefully!  Thank you.

The Donor Home Delivery Kit includes:

  • Insulated padded Kangaroo Mailer bag
  • U-Tek gel cold pack
  • Test Yolk Buffer refrigeration medium
  • Plastic specimen cup
  • 5 cc syringe (donor will not need)
  • small zip lock plastic bag
  • Overnight shipping from us to the Donor

Shipping from the Donor to the Recipient is not included.

Do not order extra Test Yolk Buffers without ordering at least one kit, as the kit covers the cost of our overnight shipping.

*If you plan to have your donor send you multiple samples within one cycle, please order multiple single kits.  Double and Triple kits are for those wishing to buy in bulk for multiple cycles, in which you’d have the donor send the shipping material (kangaroo mailer, ice pack) and plastic cup back to you between cycles.

Single Kit

1 TYB, 1 ice pack, 1 insulated bag, 1 cup, 1 syringe TYB = Test Yolk Buffer Refrigeration Medium.


Double Kit

2 TYBs, 1 ice pack, 1 insulated bag, 2 cups, 2 syringes TYB = Test Yolk Buffer Refrigeration Medium.


Triple Kit

3 TYBs, 1 ice pack, 1 insulated bag, 3 cups, 3 syringes TYB = Test Yolk Buffer Refrigeration Medium.


Extra Test Yolk Buffer

Add one extra vial of Test Yolk Buffer Refrigeration Medium to any kit.


Saturday Delivery

Email us BEFORE choosing this option.  Saturday delivery can be requested via email, and is not always possible.  If we are able to accommodate a Friday shipment for a Saturday delivery, we will ask you to purchase Saturday delivery here.


Donor Home Delivery does not prevent the transmission of disease.