Insulated padded Kangaroo Mailer bag and cold pack

Test Yolk Buffer
refrigeration medium
plastic cup
5 cc syringe
(donor will not need)
small zip lock plastic bag

Donor Instructions

  • upon arrival of the Donor Home Delivery kit, store the vial(s) of Test Yolk Buffer and ice pack in the freezer
  • save the padded “Kangaroo Mailer” bag and all materials for shipping to the Recipient
  • leave the syringe sealed for the Recipient – you will not need it
  • abstain from ejaculation for 2-4 days (but not longer) prior to the Recipient’s ovulation
  • When the Recipient calls/texts, and asks you to overnight the package:
    • thaw the Test Yolk Buffer until it’s room temperature (do not microwave, heat, etc.)
    • ejaculate into the plastic cup provided
    • add in all the Test Yolk Buffer and gently mix by moving cup in a circular motion
    • WARNING: only add the Test Yolk Buffer if it is fully thawed at room temperature
    • WARNING: do not use the Test Yolk Buffer if it is passed the expiration date on the label
    • Be sure to tighten the cap of the plastic cup so it does not leak!
    • put the cup, sealed with the sample inside, into the zip lock plastic bag and seal
    • place sealed plastic bag with sealed cup and cold (refrigerated or frozen) ice pack inside the padded kangaroo bag, and seal it closed (see instruction #2 on Kangaroo Mailer)
    • puncture the padded kangaroo bag to inflate (see instruction #3 on Kangaroo Mailer)
    • place the 5 cc syringe (unused, unopened), and the filled/inflated padded “Kangaroo Mailer” bag inside a (FedEx) Pak envelope/bag, and seal (FedEx) Pak envelope/bag
    • ship to the recipient for overnight delivery (FedEx, UPS, etc.)

Recipient Instructions

  • insemination should take place upon arrival of Donor Home Delivery
  • if immediate insemination is not possible, store the cup in the refrigerator for insemination later that SAME day.  *Do not store in the freezer
  • draw up the yellow mixture from the plastic cup with the 5 cc syringe
  • lay down with hips elevated on a pillow and insert the 5 cc syringe into the vagina
  • deposit contents as high in the vagina as possible
  • WARNING: DO NOT try to put the semen and preservative into your uterus.  Donor Home Delivery intended for vaginal inseminations ONLY.  Intrauterine inseminations (IUIs) should be done by appropriately licensed and trained health professionals (midwives, nurse practitioners, physicians)
  • remain lying down with hips elevated on a pillow for at least one hour

Donor Home Delivery does not prevent the transmission of disease.

May you conceive with ease!