Insulated aluminum bag and ice pack
Test Yolk Buffer
refrigeration medium
plastic cup
5 cc syringe
(donor will not need)
small zip lock plastic bag

Donor Instructions

  • upon the arrival of your Donor Home Delivery kit, immediately store the Test Yolk Buffer and ice pack in the freezer
  • save the insulated aluminum bag and all packing materials for shipping to the Recipient
  • leave the syringe in the packaging – you will not need it
  • abstain from ejaculation for 2-5 days (but not longer) prior to the Recipient’s ovulation
  • When the Recipient calls and asks you to overnight the package:
    • thaw the Test Yolk Buffer and let it come to room temperature
    • ejaculate into the plastic cup provided
    • add in all the Test Yolk Buffer, and let it sit for 20 minutes
    • WARNING: only add the Test Yolk Buffer if it is fully thawed at room temperature
    • WARNING: Do not use the Test Yolk Buffer if it is passed the expiration date on the label
    • Be sure to tighten cap of the plastic cup so it does not leak
    • put the cup into the zip lock plastic bag and seal
    • put both the plastic bag (with closed cup inside it) and the ice pack inside the insulated aluminum bag, and seal
    • place the 5cc syringe (unused, unopened) and insulated aluminum bag (sealed with contents inside) inside an overnight shipping bag or box (FedEx, UPS, etc)
    • ship to the recipient for overnight delivery

Recipient Instructions

  • insemination should take place upon arrival of your Donor Home Delivery kit
  • if immediate insemination is not possible, store the cup in the refrigerator for insemination later that SAME day.  *Do not store in the freezer.
  • draw up the yellow mixture from the plastic cup with the 5 cc syringe
  • lay down with hips elevated on a pillow and insert the 5 cc syringe into the vagina
  • deposit contents as high in the vagina as possible
  • WARNING: DO NOT try to put the semen and preservative directly into your uterus.  Intrauterine inseminations (IUIs) should be performed only by appropriately licensed and trained health professionals (midwives, nurse practitioners, physicians).
  • remain lying down with hips elevated for about an hour

Donor Home Delivery does not prevent the transmission of disease.

May you conceive with ease!