Are you hoping to get pregnant?

Have you already selected your directed donor?

Is your directed donor in a far away city? or another state!?

Wondering how you’re going to get the sperm and egg together?

No Worries

Donor Home Delivery allows your donor to ship sperm (semen) with a non-toxic preservative on a cold pack so it will remain viable for insemination.

The preservative keeps sperm viable for up to 96 hours in a refrigerator and has been used for decades by fertility clinics.  Your donor sends you a semen sample via overnight delivery, and once it arrives at your home you can easily do a vaginal self-insemination.

Donor Home Delivery does not prevent the transmission of disease.  Make sure your donor is tested and is a person who you trust.  Please see our safety page for suggestions and, please, consult your licensed medical professional (midwife, nurse practitioner, or doctor).

How Does This Work

  1. You or your donor orders a Donor Home Delivery kit.
  2. Donor Home Delivery kit is sent to the donor’s home.
  4. Use an Ovulation Predictor Kit to predict the correct 24-48 hour window for insemination.
  5. Once the Ovulation Predictor Kit turns positive, ask your donor to send you a semen sample using Donor Home Delivery as soon as possible.
  6. Your donor needs to use an overnight delivery service (i.e. FedEx, UPS)
  7. Once you receive the package, follow the instructions (see instruction page) for a home vaginal self-insemination.

It’s a very simple process.


My wife and I had planned on meeting up with our donor (a friend of ours) in person to get sperm. While our donor lives in NY and we live in CA, he often travels to CA for work, and we didn’t want to go through a sperm bank and didn’t want to pay for freezing and storing his sperm when we could just meet up and see if we could do it ourselves. Unfortunately, then the pandemic hit and traveling of any kind was out of the question.
We were pretty skeptical when we found the Donor Home Delivery website but decided to try it out. We had it shipped directly to our donor to store while we waited for peak ovulation. We let him know when we were ready (a day or two before peak ovulation) and told him to make the sample and get to the Fedex office as close to their last shipment time as possible (we used Fedex First Overnight) so the sperm had the least possible amount of time outside of a body. We received the shipment on time and, because we were curious, looked at it under a microscope. There they were, tiny sperm swimming around! So we went ahead and inseminated.
Our first try didn’t take so we tried again with the same process. This time the package traveled through California wildfires and arrived many hours late to our door. Two weeks after insemination we had our first positive pregnancy test, and we almost couldn’t believe our eyes. I’m now 20 weeks pregnant and am still grateful for Donor Home Delivery. I only wish more people knew this was an affordable, accessible option for people in our position. For us, not knowing whether I was even fertile, this was a great thing to try before moving onto more expensive options. We can’t wait to tell our baby about their first trip from NY to CA.